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At first i was like uuhh....what the...

and then i understood!
it's me haha ^^
GOOD JOB turtle ;p

turtleco responds:

good job lordzeppo ;P

Something is wrong

Nice lil flash but...size isn't lil at all,
it's obvious you didn't compress anything,next time make it samller,this should be around 1 mo no more.

Cover95 responds:

.... i know it sounds kinda embarrasing but i tried ^^ how do you really compress the file? because i know that it takes way too long to load!

in fact

Not really,no

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bug with the shoot em too medal?

i think there's a bug,ive killed like 3 ennemies just by throwing stuff at them and still the achievement isnt there.. =\

This is original!

The use of the darkness surrounding you is awesome,remind me of a movie i saw some time ago..they were all scared of darkness cauz of some monsters living in it...well,incredibl game!


I'm the Champ!

there's a trick to win guys...

/!\ SPOILER /!\
Hold the guard,quickly release and hit with both fist then hit back the guard..instant double punch and this way you can beat the evil clockwork guy without losing life ;p
/!\ SPOILER /!\

amazing game!

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The tempo seems wrong at the start

I'm pretty sure you're missing a beat in the tempo. Good set of instruments tho,like it

Wrong category I think...

it's limit country as my gf says...
great cover still

FairSquare responds:

I don't think there's a country category on NG.
And hey, what does it matter? :p
Thanks for the compliment :)

Finally a good song popping up here!

Very nice song,totally loves the intro.
The beat picksup very fast and get you tapping your feet almost immediatly

Review without cons ain't a review right? I feel the voicing could go a bit more fast to follow the beat and lack a little....oomph i'd say. I know it's hard to give this with that particullar tone the singer is using but the mixer guy should be able to correct this using a slight reverb or echo with some leveling.

Overall very nice song,I'll check up your upcoming album for sure!

The Infamous 8 Bytes Laugh gwa ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha -ha......reloading ...DONE ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha -ha ^^

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