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At first i was like uuhh....what the...

and then i understood!
it's me haha ^^
GOOD JOB turtle ;p

turtleco responds:

good job lordzeppo ;P

Something is wrong

Nice lil flash but...size isn't lil at all,
it's obvious you didn't compress anything,next time make it samller,this should be around 1 mo no more.

Cover95 responds:

.... i know it sounds kinda embarrasing but i tried ^^ how do you really compress the file? because i know that it takes way too long to load!

in fact

Not really,no


Should ahve win the first place,HIGH FIVE!
with what diud you made the models?

thelonelyduck responds:

3DS Max

Your a bit on the edge man

Animation is somehow boring
The leg movement is not fitting with the character displacement
Music ain't really catchy
Quite button ain't working
oh and for the last part;
Complaining on others that reviewed your not good at all flash loop is the best way to be hated by the whole community,cmon..if u post something,accept the review with a grain of salt,insulting people is not the way to go.
To be honnest,I'm pretty sure you will answer this review with stuff like 'you don't know what your talking about' and 'you don't even posted any animations so shut up' yeah right,but still I took 5 minutes of my time to watch your stuff if that'S all the respect you give to viewers here,go away.

RedApple responds:

lol man i think annyone smart could see i'm taking the piss.

Well,I tought....

for the fact it'S the first video ever..10 points...but...was it the end?
poor scrotum the puppy ^^'

Resistance is Futile!

Awesome video,could you make a sequel..like....he said he'll be back =P


in jail,rape is legal! *XD
nice animation,put more time on drawing detail,i mk the difference ^^


it's moving good,sound is perfectly matched and the effect is kinda new,i like it


The flashy thing at the beggining made me doubt but when i saw the 60's style machinery near the end,all fitting with the music,it's impressive! congrats saku! will this song be on Hell yes? and any idea when this cd will be out,i'm hungry for good stuff =p r u still looking for voice actors? I might be interested,pm if u r ^^
keep on,awesome stuff u make!

The Infamous 8 Bytes Laugh gwa ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha -ha......reloading ...DONE ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha -ha ^^

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