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The tempo seems wrong at the start

I'm pretty sure you're missing a beat in the tempo. Good set of instruments tho,like it

Wrong category I think...

it's limit country as my gf says...
great cover still

FairSquare responds:

I don't think there's a country category on NG.
And hey, what does it matter? :p
Thanks for the compliment :)

Finally a good song popping up here!

Very nice song,totally loves the intro.
The beat picksup very fast and get you tapping your feet almost immediatly

Review without cons ain't a review right? I feel the voicing could go a bit more fast to follow the beat and lack a little....oomph i'd say. I know it's hard to give this with that particullar tone the singer is using but the mixer guy should be able to correct this using a slight reverb or echo with some leveling.

Overall very nice song,I'll check up your upcoming album for sure!

Long time no see


I feel happy now ^^

love that beat,made me wanna go take a walk on a rainbow ^^
improve it? no....it's awesome as it is,u just gotta find someone to use it with the right subject ^^

JD14 responds:

You know, now that you mention.. I could use this in the back of one of my videos :o
It has a sort of, theme to it, now that I think about it.
Thanks =D


5/5 to help ur ranking
8/10...i was hoping a bigger punch after the intro..overalls..pretty good


At the very end i would add something like a bass drum double pedal rampage then a distortion guit to retake the main beat,would be a hit,u should try this man.
if u do keep me informed,i'd like to see that.

Song name?

listning to it i tryied to imagine a story that would fit.
Sounds like an aftermath song of a boy on a journey to something..8-bit style =P
just like a cowboy walking to a sunset

I would suggest....
Digital Sunset


MarioMan94 responds:

oooh, I like it.

Digital Sunset...

I'll think about it, then change it later. thanks

Boondock forever man!

You should compile it and post on torrent server so people will get to hear it!
Best movie ever so indeed,the song is worth a 10!
keep on bro!

Hotplurplegnome responds:

dude your my type of guy!
the movie freaking rocks!
and yeah thanks for the review and all!
and check out the other songs althoug none of them are anything like this:P
but do people really download tracks from torrent?

Look like a Post-Apocalyptic Fairy Tale!

Impressive beat,I'd like to see an animation on this kind of music like Alice and the Wonderland slicing giant Rabbit's head on her way juggling along the beat ^^

The Infamous 8 Bytes Laugh gwa ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha -ha......reloading ...DONE ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha -ha ^^

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