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Up for project people!

2009-11-06 21:45:56 by lordzeppo

Hey Hey everyone^^
I'm back online for your pleasure once again !

So here are what I got to offer :

-Voice Over Acting
(If you wanna sample,just send me a PM with a short line of text and how you want it)
Voice Recording is done with a MXL 990 Microphone plugged to a Tascam US-144 for a true 32 Bit sound (just so you know,CDs quality is 16bit)

(Mediumly talented drawings made in photoshop-->see the picture below)

-Advanced 3D modeling of about anything non-organic-->i.e.-->Engine,Tanks,Weap ons,most objects
(This is usefull i.e. for a game where I would model a rifle then render a side view for in game realism of an non-real weapon)
Modeling is done using Autodesk Inventor and I'm pretty able with it (I'm studying in engineering ;p)

So this is it,if you got any question,remarks,suggestion or request feel free to send me a PM,an EMAIL or browse my audio submission to see if what I do could fit your work,don't be shy,asking is the first step toward something =)
Have a Terrific Day ^^

Up for project people!


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